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United States
I am a writer and an artist. I am working on a four-book science fiction saga under the name of Alysa Taladay, which is usually referred to as The Saurian Liberation Project and often referred to as The Saga. It is about the rise and development of an alien civilization, and the struggle of its people, genetically altered from mere beasts, to survive and be recognized as a sentient race.

My interests/favorite studies include sciences, history, and creative writing.
I happily possess a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts with a double minor in Art History and Graphic Design.

It's been a long goddamn journey, and I've taken a ridiculously long hiatus from dA, working my ass off and doing adult stuff. I've said/done a lot of stupid things in the past that I'm not proud of, and I haven't been the best person. I beg your pardon, and ask that you forgive my foolish bullshit.

That being said, if you do comment, please be constructive. I won't cry and I won't bite. I'm an adult, and a professionally-minded artist. I just want to talk, so please, comment away

**All characters are "original characters" unless otherwise stated. Likewise all content is (c) Alysa Taladay and is mine, unless otherwise stated, and should not be found on any other page, website, or forum without my due permission and credit to me.**

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My book tackles a few subjects near and dear to my personal life experience, one of which is race. It started as a personal project, which helped me confront not only my own internal battles, but also my own shifting thoughts and experiences as I viewed the world around me over the years, and the people who live in it. I've lived in very racially divided places, but each in a very different way, and I lived around people who approach it in just as many different ways. My own perspective is still growing.

This makes me nervous as a writer. My characters are young and flawed, with limited world views. What's the fastest way to lose your reader? Offer them a contradictory and flawed world view apart from their own. And make it about race. Also create a race and gender inclusive cast with the "wrong balance" of character types.

YES I am still plugging at this subject, because no one has ever actually a) read my book (even after being handed five different opportunities to do so, in one  case) or b) no one has ever  responded to the last several times I've mentioned it.

The habit of people is that if they don't like something, they'll simply never tell you. Like they're doing you a courtesy somehow by falling totally silent on the matter. Some of you artists like that. I can't imagine why. You never grow if all you ever accept is praise.

What terrifies me is that everyone will disagree with what I wrote, and I will never know until it hits Amazon or something and the reviews start flowing in. Like how there are too many strong women, not enough strong men, guys are too emotional, too many white people, main character doesn't represent his demographic (neither do I), main character is insulting, none of the central humans are black (but non humans are).

I'm self concious. Can you tell? No, really: I thought about making some of the more central characters black (not just African American, as one of the Ryozae alternates between African tribe and Aboriginal races). Then again, the whole point is that race is arbitrary to judgement, but often central to culture - and culture is important to who we are.

Also I have come across too many instances in which people become irately offended en masse because someone "isn't one of us and has no place speaking on the matter" but then get upset because "we want to be included". I guess those people will always exist. I will have critics, and that's it.

The reason I'm back on the subject again is because there's a chance that I could change certain human characters' racial makeups, but it would be at the expense of who I already planned for them to represent, and could significantly change the tone of certain conversations. It could strengthen them. It could change relationships, based on people's backgrounds. In some cases significantly.

Anyway, the first book draft is finished, and these are the things I think about at 1am.


Also: I can't edit submissions from the app, so fyi: used a lot of photo references. A lot of them. Mostly Google Image Search.
Finished draft of my first full-length novel is over 540 pages. o_o ... tbh I like where it ended up, but I'm still iffy on on how it started. More in my next journal.
No, seriously: when dA searches start turning up your PAINFULLY OLD art, it is time to purge some shit to the Scraps or an "old art" folder and upload new stuff.

It's finally here!… My online course: Landscape Sketching in Watercolor and Gouache is available as a self study subscription at an affordable $15/month.

No long term commitment is required for the class but it may the beginning a of a lifelong commitment to the joy landscape painting for you!
Landscapesketching-subscription Web by NathanFowkesArt

I can't take anything said by Hillary or Trump seriously. I just can't.... -end political commentary-


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